Web Channel Development

Our Process Life Cycle!

March 2018

Project Conception

Depending on the client needs, we get to know what the client wants. Our creative team comes up with different ideas to further enhance the project.

April 2018

Market Research & Branding

Upon finalizing the main theme our teams head out to Market Research to gather primary and secondary data, Analysing the customer wants, which deduce to Customer segmentation and finalize channel USP. No stones are left unturned to identify any possible market gaps which keeps us one step ahead.

April 2018

Hiring & Channel Design

After gathering the data, we expand our team and hire technical heads and staff to carry on our legacy. Simultaneously our channel design takes place at our head office.

May 2018

Studio Setup

Our experts setup a state-of-the-art studio, bearing all the tools to keep us up and running 24/7.

June 2018


Our production team steps in and create “Fixed point chart creation” (FPC), Design programs schedule and features, simultaneously our pre-production team gears up for shooting with constant communication among the creative team.

July 2018

Fasten your seats, it’s time to launch!

After post production we are prepared to launch. This is where mass marketing takes place, with our traditional and digital marketing teams based in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates reach the audience according to the desired segmentation. So kickback, relax and enjoy the show!